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LoRA (Low Rank Adaptation)

LoRA, or Low Rank Adaptation, is an optional model that can be appended to the generation. Each LoRA adds a small neural network to the original model, aiming to influence it towards its specific generative goal. By adding --lora followed by the name of the LoRA model to be used, you can add it to the generation.

By default, no LoRAs are used unless specifically asked for by the user.

Up to 5 LoRAs can be used at any single time, but their individual influence is reduced by every additional LoRA model. This is automatically done by Distillery's backend in order to preserve the quality of the generative output, since too many LoRAs may generate additional noise in the final product.

How LoRAs actually work

A LoRA is controlled by two main parameters: its weight, which determines how strongly its influence must be on the original model's output, and its activation keywords, which are the words that must be used in order to let the LoRA know it must work. Distillery is handling the weight of the LoRA automatically, so the only thing the user must focus on is the generation prompt.

While the best LoRAs will always be the ones trained over the model that is invoked for the generation, most LoRAs can be ported from one model checkpoint to another of the same family (that is: SD1.5-based LoRAs work across most SD1.5 model checkpoints, and the same goes for SDXL).

LoRAs are unique tools at our disposal in the generative art toolkit. Think of them as "cartridges" to the model checkpoints' "consoles".

Loras for SD 1.5 models

The following LoRAs are available for our SD1.5 based models:

LoRA name Creator Description Activation words Available In
analog alenknight Analog photography analog style Link
anime Distillery Anime LoRA (balanced) kiri_fox TBD
animeminimalist hortacreator Minimalist Anime Style anime minimalist Link
architecture xjdeng Photorealistic architectural images amazingarchitecture Link
atmosphere Eisthol Adds details and ambiance to a scene None Link
avatarnavi SeventKnight Transforms characters into Na’vi Avatar aliens na'vi, avatar, blue skin, aoa Link
badvhs zarxrax Old, poor-quality VHS tape vhs footage, vhs Link
barbie RIXYN Makes anything Barbie ts_barbie Link
baroque konyconi Baroque aesthetics style baroqueAI Link
battleworn Endless8 Creates characters is a battle worn state None Link
biomechanical konyconi H. R. Giger-inspired biomechanical images hrgiger Link
bladerunner luisa_pinguin Makes Blade Runner 2049 movie stills moviestill Link
bluetheme phoenix_ms Creates melancholic blue scenes involving rain and dusk phblue, scenery, blue theme Link
boho konyconi Boho style, by konyconi bohoai Link
candyland RIXYN Background becomes candy (think Sugar Rush from Wreck-it Ralph) candyland, full background Link
caravaggio Ashley_Jones_fan Artist LoRA: Caravaggio oil paintings CARAVAGGIO Link
caricature vizsumit Caricature style caricature Link
charactersheet YeiyeiArt Creates character design sheets CharacterSheet Link
chibi lucil Chibi style chibi Link
cool Ostris Cool temperature colors (blue) None Link
crayon Ostris Crayon drawing style None Link
cyberpunk konyconi Cyberpunk aesthetics, by konyconi CyberPunkAI, neon Link
darkandlight Eisthol Intricate drawings with deep dark & light contrast None Link
darkchaos DmitryPlsnk Horror: dark, chaotic images chaosmix Link
darkfantasy dabbinggoose Dark fantasy drawings None Link
darktheme rMada Darker images None Link
davinci DarkBeam Artist LoRA: Leonardo da Vinci oil paintings wjqleonardo Link
deep Ostris Depth of field: deep None Link
detail rMada Adds details to images None Link
dragon IronCatMan Adds dragons as characters dragon Link
eldenring daemonrat Elden Ring style elden ring style Link
environmentart Petybear Environment art & scenery None Link
esoteric Ciro_Negrogni Victorian-style occultist/esoteric images victorian_esoteric Link
fairytale konyconi Fairy tale aesthetics, by konyconi FairyTaleAI Link
fat Ostris Character weight: fat None Link
foodphoto leroidoesaiart Food photography foodphoto Link
futuristicscape fitcorder Makes detailed, futuristic spaces and landscapes None Link
gameofthrones Lykon Game of Thrones style characters and scenery Game of Thrones Link
gothicdress cyberAngel_ Gothic style dress lo_dress Link
gothicpunk konyconi GothicPunk style GothicPunkAI Link
gta vizsumit GTA style drawings comic character Link
isometric CitronLegacy Isometric views Isometric_Setting Link
isometricdnd Tomas_Aguilar Isometric interiors for D&D/RPG isometricclas2nive, isometricnive Link
kiri Distillery Anime LoRA (strong) kiri_fox TBD
kurzgesagt chilon249 Kurzgesagt drawing style kurzgesagt, vector art Link
lego LordJia Makes anything Lego LEGO Creator, LEGO MiniFig, LEGO BrickHeadz Link
lightning DitamAi Create more consistent lightning Lightning, Lighting Link
marble daemonrat Makes marble statues marblee style, marblee, marblesh Link
mecha Cinsdia Mecha characters mecha Link
minimaldrawing Cinsdia Minimalistic hand-drawn art style None Link
minimalvector Cinsdia Minimalistic vector art style None Link
modernlogo leroidoesaiart Modern corporate logos modernlogo Link
neonlight Eisthol Drawings with neon lights neon lights Link
nightmare konyconi Horror lora by konyconi NightmarishAI Link
nintendo64 name64 Low Poly, Nintendo 64 style n64style, psxstyle, dsstyle Link
noir YeiyeiArt Noir style NoirStyle Link
oilpainting nnna Oil painting style None Link
pastelcolor nnna Light colors and pen style None Link
pencil L0datmos Pencil drawing style None Link
pixar baiteryamato Pixar style pixarstyle Link
pixelart luisa_pinguin Pixel art pixel art Link
pixhell SPYBG Alternative pixel art LoRA pixelart Link
platearmor axebro Makes characters wear medieval full armor suits armor, medieval armor Link
playfulcartoon RexelB Colorful lineless art style for western drawings playfulwhimsy style, sprinkledpastels style Link
postapocalypse konyconi Postapocalypse style postapocalypse Link
psychedelicnoir Ciro_Negrogni Intricate noir patterns and surreal imagery psychedelic_noir Link
realism Distillery Photorealistic and prompt-compliant generations None Link
retrofuturism konyconi 1970 retrofuturistic aesthetics 1970RetroFuturism Link
retroscifi natinitakira Imitates artistic renderings of space artists from the 60-70s None Link
retrowave DmitryPlsnk Sci-fi/retrowave style retrowave Link
rootsbranches konyconi Makes objects sprout roots and branches RootsBranchesAI Link
saltbae FallenIncursio Makes the Salt Bae meme position SaltBaeMeme Link
scifi Ciro_Negrogni Sci-fi imagery None Link
shallow Ostris Depth of field: shallow None Link
silhouette Eisthol Dark sillhouette images silhouette, light particles Link
skull muf00d Adds skulls to the generation skull Link
space edobgames Model that enhances images from space space, planet, galaxy, star Link
starfield zantum Starfield style 1starfield style Link
starwars Lykon Star Wars style star wars Link
steampunk konyconi Steampunk aesthetics, by konyconi SteampunkAI, CogPunkAI Link
thin Ostris Character weight: thin None Link
tiltshift awcolo Creates a tilt-shift effect on generations None Link
undersea fitcorder Underwater generations, both deep and shallow depths-fc Link
vermeer Ashley_Jones_fan Artist LoRA: Vermeer oil paintings VERMEER Link
victoriandress cyberAngel_ Victorian style classical dress lodress Link
voidenergy konyconi Magical blue-violet setting (good for RPG/fantasy horror) V0id3nergy Link
warm Ostris Warm temperature colors (orange) None Link
water DitamAi Create more consistent water water, stream of water, water balls Link
watercolor Cinsdia Watercolor style None Link
westerncartoon quack_quack_22 General-purpose western cartoon style cartoon fanart style Link
witchcraftpunk konyconi WitchcraftPunk style WitchcraftPunkAI Link
zombie konyconi Makes any character a zombie rotungwoka person Link
hands batchofcookies Helper LoRA for inpainting hands realistic hands Link
animesketch CitronLegacy Creates simple sketch style images (for SD1.5) (Pencil_Sketch:1.2, messy lines, greyscale, traditional media, sketch), unfinished, hatching (texture) Link
fashiongirl zakp Anime fashionable girls None Link
surrealharmony Kappa_Neuro Creates juxtapositions of surrealistic elements in a harmonious way Surreal Harmony Link
animedetailer JujoHotaru Hyperdetailer for 2D anime images None Link

Loras for SDXL models

The following LoRAs are available for our SDXL based models:

LoRA name Creator Description Activation words Available In
acrylicpainting tornado73735 Apply acrylic painting style to your generated images. stileza4,acrylic painting Link
actionshot Envy Puts your characters in an action pose action shot Link
alphastyle Envy Alpha Style, for the prime touch; Creates very colorful, 2d illustrations. Try any 2D, cartoon, anime, illustration, manga related trigger words to get even more out of it. DonM4lph4XL Link
ampereart grafmix421 LoRA to draw illustrations connected with imitation electrical diagrams, and it performs this task correctly. This model has hidden potential and will generate various images with an interesting style. ampereart; electrical diagram Link
animesketch-sdxl CitronLegacy Creates simple sketch style images (for SDXL) (Pencil_Sketch:1.2, messy lines, greyscale, traditional media, sketch), unfinished, hatching (texture) Link
animewatercolor Envy A watercolor LoRA for anime generations. Can be used on anime models or combined with other anime LoRAs. watercolor Link
books mnemic Texture LoRA, everything is made out of books! Try adding made of books, leather, paper or pages and others to motivate the style into your desired direction. DonMB00ksXL Link
cake DonMischo Turn anything into a cake shape. Example: CakeStyle shark. CakeStyle, custom cake, birthday cake, whipped cream on top Link
cardboard grafmix421 It creates items, mostly in the form of wooden or cardboard models or toys, often in the style of wooden puzzle toys. woouzzle Link
cinephile VIPULGFX Abstract cinematography art style. Use movie names, and related terms for the better results. none Link
clockwork DonMischo Lora to turn things into Clockwork/Steampunk material. Use with triggerword and use additional triggerwords to bring out the full potential. Some additional triggerwords to use and examples: Some examples: Cyber: hologram, holographic, anything with cyber; Scifi: use scifi, tech, futuristic, futurism, postapocalyptic; Darker: eerie, stygical, gloomy, decay, haunting; Fantasy/magical: use magical, whimsical, fairytale, fantasy; Organic: biomorphic, biomimetic, botanical, bio, organic; DonMSt34mPXL Link
cyberpunkxl joebowersphotography You know it, you love it. It's Cyberpunk. Sketch or photographic style. Cyberpunk Link
dice grafmix421 a model for you that creates objects from dice. I focused more on its artistic qualities and flexibility, pushing the realism of the dice representation into the background. So, the model creates cool images, but the number of points on the dice is often inaccurate. dice Link
digitalpainting Envy A sharp digital painting style with muted colors. none Link
dnd Hevok Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art style dungeons and dragons Link
drawix9 grafmix421 A strong stylized digital paintings lora. Lora is mainly designed for portraits, but it also handles wide frames and more complex scenes quite well. I like to suggest using the "ink" hint to give the drawing more contrast and sharpness, but it also generates cool images without it. Can be used for all kinds of drawing experiments. drawix9; dwx9 Link
dualpistolpov HailoKnight Generates images from dual piston POV. Example prompt: Cinematic shot of a knight holding pistols in each hand, fighting a big burning phoenix boss, jungle in background, dual pistol pov dual pistol pov Link
eyestune WTFusion It reduces/completely solves the problem of deformed eyes. none Link
fantasymap basileus Creates maps in the handdrawn(ish) 2.5D style popular in fantasy roleplaying games. Trends toward faded/sepia unless you lower the strength. Three versions: Light: Imparts the aesthetic, but doesn't push toward any particular visual element. Medium: Strong, tends toward the classic "Tolkien-esque" aesthetic. Heavy: Very strong, creates dramatic, detailed maps with decorative visual elements. txt2img can be used for fun or inspiration, but img2img can be used to flesh out crudely sketched maps fantasy map Link
fashiongirl-sdxl zakp Anime fashionable girls (SDXL version) None Link
framex grafmix421 the model was supposed to create frames with a repeated image inside them. It's quite unpredictable (often creating illustrations of men or women holding the frame, sometimes completely ignoring the prompt). So, the flexibility of the model is quite specific; sometimes it does something completely different than what we wanted. We have some influence on this by changing its weight (I tested from 0.6 to 1.4) and selecting different base models. framex Link
frostedglass RojerDodger Frosted glass effect to emulate the look of a wet or sand blasted glass window. frosted glass Link
ghiblistyle CongDC generate images in Ghibli Studio Style. none Link
golfballs frutiemax This model attempts to transform anything in golf balls. made of golf balls; g0lfb4lls Link
grimace thegipper Generates images of subjects with Grimacing face Expression grimacing expression Link
handsbehindback Torog LORA to help get a "hands behind back" pose more consistently, without changing the camera angle to behind the subject or paradoxically having the hands end up in front. Use "HBB" as the keyword, instead of "Hands Behind Back" to activate it. HBB; handcuffed Link
headpov diogod Generates images with Point of view from the back of the head or camera over the shoulders or Animal Perspective. shot in the point of view from the back of a Link
hologram DonMischo "Generates images as if they were Holographic display. Use with triggerword and use additional triggerwords to bring out the full potential. Try on a holo display and others to get even more out of it. Some examples: Cyber: hologram, holographic, anything with cyber; Scifi: use scifi, tech, futuristic, futurism, postapocalyptic; Darker: eerie, stygical, gloomy, decay, haunting; Fantasy/magical: use magical, whimsical, fairytale, fantasy; Organic: biomorphic, Biomimetic, botanical, bio, organic; DonMH010D15pl4yXL Link
holoportrait Elarosse Generates or transforms a face into a futuristicm holographic one! hlpr; futuristic Link
honey b0008 Cover something with honey! works best to cover people with honey, but with a bit try and error it can cover other things in honey. covered in honey Link
interiordesign-industrial AntiBone It's a cool interior design style with exposed concrete walls and floors, iron and wood furniture combined,It's a cool interior design style with exposed concrete walls and floors, iron and wood furniture combined. tfz_industrial Link
interiordesign-luxurymodern AntiBone This is for interior design, Modern luxury style, It could understand most of the prompt, so it can generate different room of a house, such as living room, kitchen, bedroom and so on. tfz_poliform Link
interiordesign-midcenturymodern AntiBone This is interior design style of Mid-century Modern, A little retro, and a little modern, with strong malleability, suitable for a variety of Spaces, prompt "tfz_minotti" trigger will be better tfz_minotti Link
interiordesign-minimalist AntiBone Minimalist interior design style, simple lines, modern and elegant, with strong spatial malleability, can form different space design through simple prompt words. Such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, cloakroom and so on tfz_minimalist_style Link
interiordesign-wooden AntiBone interior design style with wooden furniture, tfz_log_style Link
leonidafremov Askel72 This is a tribute to Leonid Afremov, applies his style to the generated images. Leonid Afremov was a prolific and distinctive artist known for his vibrant and captivating oil paintings. by leonid afremov; leonid afremov style Link
linquivera grafmix421 Applies image effect composed of lines or intertwined with lines. Generates very stylized images. With more elaborate prompts, it sometimes requires increasing the weight of Lora. linquivera; liiv1 Link
logo artificialguybr Generate logos in a wide variety of themes logoredmaf, logo Link
moreart ledadu Detailed, creative, expressive images None Link
nurlens stawil Realistic photography LoRA for SDXL models NurLens, photography Link
photography AI_Characters More coherent and photorealistic images photo in phst artstyle Link
pouting OcularPatdown This model should allow you to create characters and people with puckered lips. Currently only trained on realistic women, but with some weight tweaks and appropriate prompts it can be applied to other styles and characters. Adding a phrase like "sticking out tongue" in the negative prompts can help fix some weird issues around the mouth. pouting Link
princess titansteng Create Disney princesses in Pixar style none, use Disney Princess Names like Snow White Link
prisoncell altjb1616 Generates background for prison cells and cellblocks prison cell Link
retrofuturism duskfallcrew Apply Retro Futurism style to your images. none Link
scifimovie MakeThemComeAliveAIArt Immerse yourself in the universe with my Science Fiction Cinematic Style Lora, engineered to craft images that embody the essence of sci-fi. Drawing inspiration from The Expanse, Pandorum, and Skylines 3, this lora is your portal to creating breathtaking science fiction visuals. Optional Triggers: Futuristic rifle, Futuristic handgun, Futuristic assault rifle, pilot, cockpit, inside a spaceship, helmet, futuristic tactical clothes. Science Fiction Cinematic Style Link
scifixl Ziov LoRA for making Scifi Machines, Scifi Woman, and Mechs. Has tendency to be on the darker color spectrum. scifi Link
shadow DonMischo Images are created as if they were just shadows cast on the wall. Use the triggerword and other shadow on a wall related trigger words to get even more out of it. DonM5h4d0w5XL Link
shallowxl ccfantasy86 this LoRA will truly generate a shallow depth of field effect. shallow_dof Link
simplex grafmix421 The model creates very simple drawings with a single line or sometimes drawn with just one stroke of the line. The model is quite temperamental, and it takes a moment to get acquainted with it. Experimenting with the weight is necessary (I tried: 0.5 – more details, 1 – very simplified drawings, sometimes unreadable, especially with short prompts). Base models also have a significant impact on the effect. Helpful prompts include "simple, line, one line, simplex, and similar ones indicating the drawing style direction." simple lines; simplex Link
skinrealism MakeThemComeAliveAIArt Lora specializes in crafting detailed, natural-looking skin textures and imperfections, One of Lora's standout features is its ability to generate skin textures that mimic the intricacies of real skin, complete with subtle blemishes and imperfections. Gone are the days of artificial, airbrushed perfection. With Lora, users can explore the beauty of imperfection, embracing the authenticity of natural skin without makeup and the occasional acne mark Detailed natural skin and blemishes without-makeup and acne Link
skimask buzzkillington This is a ski mask lora for SDLX. It's not too bad when using weight from 0.6-1. Some of the masks will have occasional logos or artifacts ski mask Link
skyscraper JZCG Generates images of skyscrapers, and super high-rise building in the city. A naturally described prompt can achieve better results jzcgxl001; building; outdoors Link
southpark alexionby With this LoRA model, we can transform anything into the iconic South Park style. Imagine inserting popular characters and personalities right into the bustling streets of South Park city. The foreground detail is usually spot-on, though the backgrounds could use some enhancement. south_park_lora Link
spaceroom Anchemix Creates interior rooms in space, very futuristic and minimalistic style. anchespaceroom Link
split WTFusion Splits head/body and shows something inside it split head, split head and body, inside Link
superpowers MakeThemComeAliveAIArt LoRA to generate beings imbued with powers beyond the ordinary. Example prompt: jaw-dropping photo of a dramatic entrance of an evil giant cucumber casting fire magic, lens flare, particles, god rays none Link
surrealharmony-sdxl Kappa_Neuro Creates juxtapositions of surrealistic elements in a harmonious way (SDXL version) Surreal Harmony Link
sweaty MakeThemComeAliveAIArt You can just add the lora now trigger word required it will automatically add a little shine and sparkle to the subjects skin. But if you do want it to create more effect use the following words, you can use one, you can use mutiple it's up to you. Sweaty; Sweaty hair; extreme sweat shine; dripping with sweat; body shiny with sweat glow; sweat droplets. Weight: Between 1.2 and 5.0 sweaty Link
texta humblemikey Improve text generation logo, text, sign that says, the word Link
textures humblemikey "Over 100 Textures! I recommend keeping the weight under 0.5 for most textures, otherwise you might end up with a simple cube, blob, sphere, etc. rather than the character/object you wanted. Start with 0.4 and then increase or decrease the strength to get a good result. Prompt Guide: Try 'texture object' e.g. 'chainmail sonic the hedgehog' or 'object made of texture', e.g. 'sonic the hedgehog made of chainmail' Textures Pack is a LoRA I trained on many different textured objects, intending to merge into my main PixelWave base model. But it was too strong and I couldn't use it. So I'm sharing it with you. 😊 The success of each individual texture varies of course due to how familiar SDXL is already with the subject, and also some textures had more training images than others." "Plant-Based: Bamboo, Mossy, Moss-covered stone, Leaf veins, Dry bark, Tangled vines, Blooming flower petals, Straw mat, Seaweed, Cactus spikes, Dew-covered grass, Sprouting fungi Fruits: Avocado skin, Lemon skin, Lime skin, Cherry skin, Strawberry skin, Red apple skin, Green apple skin, Dragonfruit skin, Watermelon, Mottled Banana peel, Pulpy orange Foods: Gooey Marshmallow, Cotton candy, Popcorn, Freshly baked bread crust, Melted chocolate, Cinnamon stick, Grilled meat surface, Coffee bean, Coffee foam, Carrot skin, Corn, Waffle, Swiss cheese Earthen & Rock: Clay dirt, Lava flow, Cooling lava, Crystal formations, Parched soil, Cavern wall, Pebbles, Red gravel, Rocky surface, Sandstone, Wet sand, Dried mud cracks, Smooth river pebbles, Pumice stone, Rippled sand dunes Wood & Bark: Wood, Polished wood, Wooden screen, Charred wood, Damp wood, Wood plank, Charcoal Elemental: Fire, Ice, Water, Clouds, Dense fog, Smoke, Snow, Cracked ice, Slick Ice, Smoldering embers Animal Based: Zebra fur, Leopard fur, Tiger fur, Crocodile skin, Snakeskin, Fish scales, Matted fur, Bird feathers, Honeycomb, Seashell, Jellyfish tentacles, Spider web, Salmon flesh, Spiky sea urchin Miscellaneous: Fleshy, Bone πŸ”¨ Man-Made Textures Building & Construction: Cement block, Smooth marble, Corrugated metal, Flagstone, Herringbone brick, Cobblestone, Sidewalk pavement, Asphalt, Stone wall, Long stone tiles, Frosted glass, Freshly poured concrete, Parquetry Metals & Reflective: Aluminum foil, Gold leaf, Tinfoil, Chainmail, Gold chainmail, Rusty metal, Ferrofluid, Iridescent oil slick, Brushed steel, Metallic grid, Galvanized metal, Mirrored surface, Worn copper, Damascus steel, Polished brass Fabrics & Materials: Acoustic Panels, Rustic leather, Velvet fabric, Corduroy material, Shaggy carpet, Suede material, Crushed velvet, Knitted yarn, Lacy fabric, Patterned tapestry, Quilted fabric, Burlap sack, Worn-out denim, Silk sheets, Fuzzy fleece, Beaded curtain, Sequined cloth, Buttons, Woven basket, Black woven bamboo Paper: Paper, Cardboard, Torn Cardboard, Crumpled paper, Brittle parchment Miscellaneous: Rope, Clear plastic, Bubble wrap, Styrofoam, Plastic tarp, Bubbles, Soap bubble, Soap foam, Shaving cream, Nuts and bolts, Chipping paint, Broken glass shards, Toxic chemical 🎨 Artistic & Abstract Textures Swirling galaxy, Glossy magazine cover, Chalkboard, Dripping candle wax, Melting wax, Oozing slime, Snowflakes, Rain on window, Cassette tape, Fingerprint smudges, Ink in water, Spilled paint" Link
thermalvision abesmon LoRA to immitate thermal vision camera. It's not very consistant, so you need to play with weight. Simple 1-2 words prompts are good eve with 0.5 weight, but as the prompts grow, you need to increase weight of LoRA higher up to 1.5. Model is not very consistent and tends to make regular images on the things, that it hasnt seen. thermalvision Link
treasureplanet scarletsword45 A lora intended to produce images in the style of Disney's Treasure Planet. Capable of generating 2d and 3d animation scenes. TPstyle Link
ukiyo-e Freek22 "produce Ukiyo-e pictures in the original style of the edo period. it can produce Ink or colored Ukiyo-e. Additional triggerwords to try: ink (for black and white), colorful, samurai, shogun, katana, tanto, amaterasu, scene, B&W" Ukiyo-e Link
vintagephoto wobushannes325 Photographic lora that applies vintage look to the generated images, authentic black and white works. lith_agfa_brovira_BEH1W Link
voxel fictiverse Generates voxel style art voxel style Link
woodenboard ACLander LoRA that mimics images created on an old wooden board. stylized, dull colors PlngPntBrd style; PlngPntBrd Link
wowifier mooncryptowow Trained on a variety of AI art made by mooncryptowow art by mooncryptowow Link