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--raw Parameter


The --raw parameter in Distillery is a feature for advanced control, particularly beneficial in specific workflows, especially when using very short prompts. It's a niche but impactful feature.

Default Behavior vs. Raw

Normally, when a user submits a prompt for image generation, Distillery appends "magic words" to the prompt to generally improve the output images' quality. Currently, the standard appended text might look like: ", best quality, high quality, good."

However, when you add the --raw parameter to your generation command, these appended parts are omitted. This gives the model a more "literal" interpretation of the prompt.


Here's how using --raw changes the resulted generation:

  • Standard prompt (without --raw):

    /serve prompt:tennis ball --seed 123

  • Prompt with --raw:

  • Standard prompt (without --raw):

    /serve prompt:tennis ball --seed 123 --raw
    With Raw

This prompt is taken as it is, without any additional quality-improving words, leading potentially to a different style or quality of the generated image.